Esther La Vista Baby in foot in mouth cock up

Deary me Buglers.

In the middle of the Hillsborough 25th anniversary memorial service on Tuesday, just the one Merseyside Member of Parliament thought it an apt time to “take to Twitter” to vent about the local Labour party.

Step forward Esther McVey, Hoylake’s MP and Minister of State for Employment at the Department for Work and Pensions.


But lo! A mere four hours later after an online battering (clicky), she realised her error, the big nincompoop!


Suspicions are (clicky) that it might not have been our fragrant La Vista Baby after all, though, as it is entirely possible one of her politicky entourage could be responsible.

Which might explain why leafy Meols Drive has been shut down virtually overnight (clicky) possibly to stop the unwashed marching on the Conservative Club armed with pitchforks and flaming torches

Not to worry La Vista Baby. Here is you in happier times when you actually wanted to be in the news!








And here you are now with your bestest bezzie.


Toot toot!

Vegging out



Farewell then to does-anyone-really-know-how-to-pronounce-it-properly?  Bej vegan restaurant (clicky) and according to that link, farewell too to its massive number of fans who clearly didn’t actually eat there as often as the place needed to keep going.


It seems that after just nine months and spending thousands on that outside extensiony bit they’ve still struggled to survive and as a result  this lot (clicky) have fallen out with each other, the locks have been changed, the uber right-on menu ditched and fish will be served when it opens back up again tomorrow.

Which means its going to do really, really well on Good Friday.

And then….?


Talking of locks being changed, anyone been to Hoylake Computer Center (sic) lately?


Toot toot!

* Thanks muchly to Bugler cheekychops for the email.

Finnieland, where your dreams came true and your knees got cut


Sadly swept away by a wave of political correctness and agog health and safety officers , Frank Sheridan’s totally nuts and beyond dangerous Finnieland lives on in a set of photographs on Hoylake’s other well attended digital destination  at Hoylake Junction.

Do clickety click to see where we drunkenly left the children in golden times before they plugged the internet into their eyes.

Toot toot!

Paint chunder

Once upon a time, back in the days when tremendously successful ladies in the hit parade didn’t have to twerk naked 24 hours a day on MTV, there was a rock/pop star who looked like this-


Admittedly, this was in the 1970s, when the parents of younger Buglers had barely even been born yet, themselves the offspring of all-nights-in-the-Cavern chucking-knickers-at-the-Stones if-you-can-remember-the-Sixties-you-weren’t-there baby boomers, who despite the wild abandon of their own tender years, frustratingly decided their own kids would never be allowed to stay up late, go out, or – especially – have friends from Over The Lines.

The rockster’s name is Suzi Quatro – clickety click here if you want to know more –  and she inadvertently started something on our wild west of Wirral, first of all in That Place Down The Road With Better Shops.

Buglers with balding heads or necessarily dyed hair will recall that in That Place Down The Road With Better Shops there used to be a first floor nightclub that went by the name of Quattros.

Quattros came first, but it wasn’t entirely dissimilar to this place that once existed here in our very own hallowed village of cup cake emporiums-

-albeit it was a lot, lot, shitter. With even worse haircuts.

It was where men-childs donning sparse moustaches and bad mullets would try to pick up what are today’s pretend respectable adult ladies - quite possibly your own mothers, Buglers – in, of course, their crap Audi Quattros like this-


And now, twenty or thirty years on, Suzi’s legacy is to be bestowed upon yet another generation, via this-


Welcome to Hoylake’s new venue – Studio 4 Quattro, or Studio Quattro 4, or Quattro 4 Studio. It’s hard to tell.

What isn’t hard to tell is that it isn’t hard to spot, looking as it does like there was a ma-hoos-ive sale on at the garish red, black and white paint shop.

It’s like B&Q its very self just chundered up in Market Street.

But then they wouldn’t be the first ones to do that would they Buglers………………………?

Toot toot!

* Thank you to Bugler nomansland for the email.

Is this the end of wool racks and paper plates and toothpaste with funny writing?

The Sells Everything Including Lots Of Pens And Cleaning Juice And Other Stuff Shop is up for sale (clicky) Buglers!


Rent looks good for three units should anyone be thinking of setting up a health venue dedicated to massage and pool with some casual naturism and swinging thrown in…

Or maybe even a wine bar with ace pizzas or even better a new Finnegans with dodgy ribs and a crazy “fairground” eh Buglers?

(The busybody interlopers won’t of course have a clue what any of that means as they’re from Birkenhead).

Be way way better if someone kept it going as it is though :-(

Quite scary that rightmove website (clicky) Buglers as it seems the bountiful noodles vendor of dreams is not the only Hoylake business looking to vamoose to them thar hills

Toot toot!

* Thanks to Bugler Anon for the email

Mrs Dodd says we made the weekly Popbitch mailout today so we had a look

…and we have!


Nice of all them newspapers to say thank you NOT.

Sign up for the weekly Popbitch mailout here like what I just did Buglers. It’s free and naughty – just like your impish seaside Boy Scout!

Toot toot!

* Thanks to Bugler Sarah Dodd for alerting us to this and of course Bugler Tooth who started the whole ting in d’first place, mon.

* UPDATE: Look at the stats counter over t’there on d’right. Fizzin‘ man innit!